Smartfriends? U Post Mortem

September 30th, 2003

Well, I’ve just about recovered from the marathon of heady computer geekery that was Smartfriends? U. I arrived late on Saturday but made it in time for the Alex Stepanov keynote that had less to do with his work on STL and everything to do with a James Burke-ian take on the history of generic programming algorithms as it did with the history of mathematics. As bonus, Chris Strompolos, star of the now legendary “Raiders Adaption”, was on hang for a late night screening of his teenage magnum opus.

It was great getting to meet people I only know online, which is something I always relish about these kinds of events. The venue was, despite my concerns, nearly perfect though the lack of cell phone coverage and limitations of satellite Internet did prove to be minor annoyances. I can’t strongly enough recommend watching for the follow-on events to come. The gang at Smartfriends? U is onto something.

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