The trouble with cartoons

October 5th, 2003

Ok, I admit that tiger attacks are terrible things. It’s bad that people watched Roy Horn get mauled by one of the trained white tigers during a show at the Mirage on Friday night. Unfortunately, as somebody who works in Las Vegas it’s hard to feel empathy for somebody who has a 15 foot statue of their head on the Strip. Siegfried and Roy are cartoons. They are larger than life. Normal people don’t live in estates named the Jungle Palace. Normal people don’t have animated movies based on them. Normal people don’t draw $110 per ticket to see them perform the same schtick everynight. It’s all totally foreign to my suburban, middle class existence. So far removed in fact that the whole situation evokes as much emotion as a headline reading, “Prominent Coyote Scientist Killed in Anvil Accident.”

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