Panther/iTunes, etc.

October 26th, 2003

Seems everybody is all excited about iTunes for Windows. I think that it represents an interesting potential turning point for Apple. It might represent a shift toward more consumer electronics and less emphasis on computers as the mainstay product.

That, of course, doesn’t explain the roll-out of Panther, that’s MacOS 10.3 for those not in the know. Finally, a number of the problems plaguing MacOS X since it’s initial introduction have been resolved. Other problems remain, of course. Apple’s e-mail client still can’t count. iChat still give nebulous errors that make it impossible to fix the problems that generate said errors. Other little annoyances like these are around but much less apparent. All that said, I’m happy to be using Panther. It’s faster, cleaner and generally better than all previous MacOS releases.

Just what is Apple’s focus, anyhow?

2 Responses to “Panther/iTunes, etc.”

  1. Dude

    Perhaps Apple is a big enough corporation that it would be unhealthy for it just to have a solitary focus. Why should Apple decide between iTunes/iPod weltanshauung and the OSX/Mac weltanshauung?

  2. wmagnus

    What? Focus like a lightbulb?

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