Cars and MP3s

November 3rd, 2003

I recently installed the Aiwa CDC-X30MP in my 2002 Honda Civic. It’s got a couple of features that I wonder why new cars don’t come with by default. It plays back MP3 CDs which, based on the price of portable MP3 CD players at BestBuy, costs almost nothing to include.

More importantly, though, it’s got a front panel aux-in. It’s a standard mini-stereo jack that I can plug my iPod into that works famously. It’s much better than the FM modulators that I’ve seen for such things. Going FM works until you drive to Los Angeles where all the low band FM frequencies have broadcasters already on them.

I bought mine from Crutchfield. They might cost a little more than going to CircuitCity or BestBuy but they include everything you need to install the deck yourself including install instructions, wiring harness (so you don’t have to modify the car’s wiring), and a dash kit that lets you install the deck in whatever funky shaped openning that your car manufacturer provided. It’s pretty painless. It doesn’t take a lot of skill and if you can install a ceiling fan or a new hard drive you can score yourself a snazzy jack for your iPod.

One Response to “Cars and MP3s”

  1. jr

    The only problem I have with the vast majority of after market CD/Radio players is their insistance on trying to out-do times square.

    I wonder if they sell “stealth” panels. You know, ones where only the display glows.

    Likewise, I’m not sure I know why they all come with wireless remotes. I mean, the dash it’s not THAT far away…

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